Miss Terri has been one of the most influential teachers and mentors of my career. She cared about me as a dancer and person by giving me individualized attention and time. Terri gave me the tools to compete and survive in the professional ballet world. Not only was I taught proper technique and alignment and understanding of my body but she emphasized the importance of artistry in every class. This focus on artistry set me apart from other dancers, it got me noticed in auditions and prepared me for life on stage. She doesn't create ballet robots she creates passionate and successful dancers and people.     


-Emily Singleton




Terri Russell is seriously one of a kind.  She is truly a magnificent human being first and an incredible ballet instructor and an amazing coach. She started out molding my girls at a young age and their ballet class became their sanctuary! Even after we had to leave the studio she taught at, she continued to guide my girls.  She has always been a positive inspiration for them. They have taken ballet classes all over the United States but always come back to Terri as they say no one is as strong or as proficient  as Terri in the world of ballet! They continue to this day to have weekly private lessons with her and they enjoy every minute of it! They have had many successes in the dance industry and much of it is because of Terri Russell who has stood by them and guided them at every turn! Thank you Terri for being you!

-Donna & Steve Fischer




Regardless of your ballet experience Terri Russell can catapult you to the next level and beyond. My daughter has had the honor of training with Terri for the past 3 years and what an amazing journey/transformation it has been! Not only is Terri’s technique impeccable, her spirit is consistently positive and welcoming to all her students. She has such a genuine care for her students that is truly immeasurable. I have, and will continue to, drive past other studios (more than 50 miles round trip) so my daughter can receive the proper training from this incredible instructor. You will not regret making the decision to train at Yorba Linda Academy of Ballet!


-Tracy Inman




My first Ballet class with Miss Terri Russell will never be forgotten. It was at that moment which I knew I belonged in the world of dance. She not only has an endless passion for Ballet, but she also has a loving and caring heart for her students in every class. Miss Terri has always inspired me to never give up, has taught me classical ballet technique, and guided me to be the dancer I am today. Her mentorship has encouraged me to pursue my career as a professional dancer and she continues to support me with each new venture as I continue on this path.

She is dedicated to each dancer and with her knowledgeable training curriculum and devotion, she has helped me as well as many other dancers evolve into poised and accomplished young women. If you are looking for excellent ballet and superior classical training, I encourage you to enroll yourself or your child at Yorba Linda Academy of Ballet!                                                        

-Stephanie Elkin​




For the past several years, we have traveled over 45 miles one way, twice a week just so my daughter could take ballet from Miss Terri.  She has done so much for so many girls and always with grace, dignity and class.  she is a fantastic ballet teacher.


-Debbie Surrell


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